Lathrop GPM Insurance Recovery and Counseling Practice

Business insurance policies are complex contracts. The insurance coverage industry is constantly changing and the laws governing business insurance are difficult to navigate. Additionally, many insurance companies now face financial challenges, which increase the number of disputed insurance claims and leads to more insolvencies and rehabilitation for insurers. Many businesses are unaware of the vulnerabilities they have as a result.  Our insurance recovery practice is dedicated to serving policyholders and ensuring the best possible coverage.

Lathrop GPM is one of the largest firms in the United States representing policyholders. Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to provide policyholders with the necessary guidance and legal counsel to handle insurance disputes and insurance recovery.

Our insurance recovery practice group has worked with the following industries:

  • Agribusiness
  • Cable/telecommunications
  • Education
  • Hospitality and Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance brokers
  • Manufacturing
  • Railroad
  • Real estate
  • Trucking
  • Utilities
  • Waste management
  • Wood treaters

Commercial Claims

The firm’s insurance recovery practice group handles a wide variety of commercial claims. We assist clients with matters ranging from disputing a denial of coverage for late notice under an employment practices liability policy to challenging an auto liability carrier about a client’s right to choose counsel. Whatever your legal need, our insurance recovery team can assist with claim resolution – through informal negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation, coverage opinions and strategy, insurance procurement / due diligence, insurance archeology (we’ve performed archeology work for a vast majority of our coverage clients and have a particular interest in tracking down elusive London coverage), and notification of claims. Our environmental, product liability and tort insurance recovery practice is focused on attaining settlements, not engaging in protracted litigation. Unlike many other firms, we have achieved impressive insurance recovery settlements without litigation.

The first step in preventing difficult claims is procuring the best possible coverage. Our insurance coverage attorneys work with brokers, risk managers, and other insurance professionals to ensure our clients obtain the best possible coverage. We regularly handle broker contracts, policy negotiations, policy review and risk management consulting.

Our attorneys have extensive experience assisting clients with insurance due diligence in acquisitions and advising clients on insurance contract provisions in a variety of transactions.

Insolvencies and Lloyd’s of London Practice

A number of our attorneys devote their practice almost exclusively to insolvencies and have handled virtually every type of interest and claim in insolvency proceedings across the country. Also, Lathrop GPM has successfully obtained significant insurance recoveries from both solvent and insolvent London market companies. Our lawyers’ experiences and expertise with presenting and negotiating claims in London plus the relationship we have developed have proven invaluable in serving our clients.

Wrongful Conviction

Our insurance recovery group has recovered millions of dollars for individuals who were wrongfully convicted of crimes. Working in concert with the nation’s leading civil rights firm, Neufeld Scheck & Brustin, LLP, and the Innocence Project, we aggressively pursue settlements from the insurers of municipalities and government entities.